From inside the 1981, Cassandra got suffering from an unidentified terminal infection, hence added their so you can commit committing suicide

On 2022 movie, he or she is represented from the Tom The netherlands, exactly who and additionally illustrates Peter Parker / Spider-Son regarding the Marvel Cinematic World, Arvin Russell regarding the Demon Right through the day, Cherry throughout the 2021 film of the same identity, and you can Todd Hewitt within the A mess Taking walks, and voices Walter Beckett during the Spies in Disguise, Jip during the Dolittle, and you may Ian Lightfoot when you look at the Ahead.


Nathan Morgan was born in 1976 to help you an unnamed father and you can Cassandra Morgan, an enthusiastic archeologist, that will be lds singles little sister of Samuel Morgan.

Adopting the this lady demise, Nathan and Sam’s father made a decision to quit their your hands on their sons, and one another was in fact entrusted in order to good Catholic orphanage, brand new Saint Francis’ Boy’s Home. Simultaneously, the father offered its mother’s fingers, and additionally the girl archeological performs and you may are never heard out-of once again.

The fresh brothers spent the next few years regarding the orphanage, when Nathan grabbed demand for guides and you can try coached Latin by nuns, and you may understanding how to 100 % free-focus on and you may rise from Sam. During the their go out during the orphanage, he became so you’re able to dislike all professionals, somewhat Sister Catherine, however, the guy became fond of Father Ryan Duffy. For this go out, Sam are kicked outside of the orphanage due to engaging in criminal activities. Sam manage assistance himself and you can Nathan through getting employment, and you can would communicate with their aunt.

Of the later eighties, Nathan was mocked by a mature man titled Edward, whom insulted his mothers, while the two later on fought. Nathan is suspended out of a refuge the rest of the brand new orphanage, and you may gotten a beneficial lecture off Sis Catherine. Shortly after she remaining, Nathan noticed lights cues by the Sam, as well as the brothers left the orphanage as the Sam advised Nathan that he was leaving for at least to have annually on account of their this new business. Nathan try surprised and angered by this. Sam decided to cheer up their brother by the revealing the guy tracked off the mom’s hands, and also the two made a decision to deal him or her.

The fresh brothers bankrupt at home so you’re able to access the mom’s possessions, and you can were confronted with the particular owner, Evelyn. Just after she found that both had been Cassandra’s sons, she found herself is their mother’s pal and you can previous company. Cassandra advised her or him off a theory Cassandra had that they was indeed the fresh new illegitimate heirs regarding Sir Francis Drake, along with out of the woman lookup to your Henry Avery. Yet not, Evelyn had known as police along with their split-inside. Evelyn tried to call-off the fresh cops, however, in the near future died off cardiovascular system failure, compelling these to stay away from.

A short while later, the fresh brothers decided to honor the mom for her principle into are Francis Drake’s heirs, altering their brands so you’re able to Samuel and you can Nathan Drake. Both carry out manage one another about after the age and you can score both out-of prison, therefore the one or two perform remain comparing Henry Avery and Sir Francis Drake. Predicated on Sam, Nate manage due to a beneficial “wonders stage” where the guy passed “Nate the great”, and you may would do phenomenal tips.


Up to 1991, Nathan went to Cartegena, Columbia to get Sir Francis Drake’s band, that has been into the display in the an art gallery. Nate seen one copy brand new display’s instance secret secure just before becoming thrown out from the protect, and you will decided to stick to the center-old boy to see exactly what he had been around. Nate climbed across the a creating observe the person discovered an excellent phony the answer to unlock the display, and soon after find-pocked their purse to have it. Nate is trapped of the son, and gave him their purse, however, covertly grabbed the newest copied trick from the wallet.