Henri Daussi CNV117A 3.01ct Diamond Engagement Ring

Here the carat weight of the diamonds we are talking about are large. The carat is the standard for weighing diamonds and is most commonly the most prized of all features. The carat weight of the precious stone is derived from splitting a carat into 100 “points”. Each one of the points weigh 2 milligrams and can be split further and further down. It is of particular importance when talking about smaller accent diamonds as well.

The different diamond cuts

Once we have the above details figured out about the diamond it is time to get refined. What are the different diamond cuts available in the world? Well there are plenty to choose from and each come with their own range of special features. Whether that is the historical or aesthetic style. Many of the diamond cuts can either be considered modern or vintage. However it is once you set the diamond stone that the style is truly set. So if you like a certain diamond cut but are not sure if it will fit with your modern or more vintage style do not worry. They can each be crafted in a way that is perfect for your https://yourloansllc.com/payday-loans-la/ dream come true engagement ring.

Craftsmen devote their time and expertise in cutting diamonds. Some of the diamond cut styles like the Asscher cut diamonds got the diamond cutter’s name. Some of the most popular diamond cuts that we see are Princess, Round cut, Cushion, Pear, Marquise, and Emerald. Each one has different attributes.

Big engagement ring settings

Now let us get to the main event! Our featured big engagement ring settings. As we have mentioned these are the 3, 4 and 5 carat diamond engagement rings. They are set in different types of fine metal including 18 carat white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum.

First is a stunning 3.01 carat designer diamond engagement ring. This beautiful 18 carat white gold big engagement ring setting is a Henri Daussi design. It features a 3.01 carat cushion cut diamond with 1.82 carats of pave accent diamonds. These are in the halo feature. As well as along the band of the ring. All of the diamonds are G in color and VS2 in clarity. The cushion cut diamond has a rounded top. Along with the accent diamond halo the large stone appears even bigger. For a classic and more traditional style of big engagement ring this cushion cut Henri Daussi piece is ideal.

3.10ct GIA Certified Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring

Next is a slightly larger GIA Certified diamond. This pear cut stone is 3.1 carats. It is set in a 14 carat white gold band with two Trillion Cut Accent Diamonds on either side of the central stone. These two accent diamonds are G in color and SI in clarity. Meanwhile the centre stone is F in color and SI1 in clarity. Since the pear cut diamond requires extra prongs this setting has five points of contact on the diamond. Including the edge or point to protect it from snagging on clothing or direct impact. A favorite among celebrities like Lady Gaga pear cut big engagement ring settings are singular.

Platinum 4.61ct ond Engagement Ring

Another incredible and unique diamond cut is the ed after the ond to signal their positions. The diamonds are shaped like an eye. They have two points and are generally worn long ways on your finger. This particular azing 4.61 carats. It is K in color and SI2 in clarity. Also flanked with diamonds this ring like the one above follows the three stone ring style. It has baguette cut accent diamonds. They measure approximately 7.87 millimeters x 4.09 millimeters each. These diamonds are G in color and SI in clarity. The setting is platinum, the world’s hardest and most durable fine metal.